19 July 2017

Orient Me fix

In playing around with IBM's new Connections feature OrientMe - I'm having a few issues installing it.
I'd been through much pain and sought a lot of help from the IBM champ community and found that the update to Docker (which is installed automatically) is not compatible with the CFC.
So I went through the process of installing the components manually (see here) and got it up and running..

Then I got this:

Dear IBM Connections Orient Me Customer,

The IBM Support team is contacting you to inform you that a new update to Orient Me 6.0 is available. The recent release of Docker 17.06 has an incompatibility with IBM Spectrum Conductor for Containers Community Edition 1.1.0 which results in an install failure for Orient Me  The Orient Me development team has made available a new release of Orient Me ( to address the install failure.  The installation change is the only update in Orient Me  If you have already installed Orient Me with Docker 17.03 then no action is required.  Otherwise please download the latest version of Orient Me from Fix Central before deploying.

We apologize to any inconvenience that this might have caused you.

The IBM Support Team

So looks like they found it quickly and fixed it - however if you did it manually (like me!) then no action is required.
Cheers n beers!


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