27 December 2017

Mounting shared folders from a mac on a Linux guest VM

Quick Problem: needed to get a large zip file sitting in a shared mac folder on my CentOS machine (VM guest)
Yeah I could go through the vmware tools install and all that, and there's probably newer ways to do it - but here's a quick way that still works with macOS High Sierra:

On your CentOS/RHEL guest:
(use sudo if you have to)

  1. yum install cifs-tools
  2. mkdir -p /mnt/yourFolderName

    example: mkdir -p /mnt/macshare
  3. mount -t cifs //yourMacNameOrIP/SharedFolderName /mnt/yourFolderName -o username=macUsername,password=macPassword,nounix,sec=ntlmssp

    example: mount -t cifs // /mnt/macshare -o username=jared,password=nottellingyou,nounix,sec=ntlmssp
  4. don't forget to insert a "\" in your password before any special characters in your password (which there likely will be!)

    example: a password of Hell0Wor!d would be Hell0Wor\!d
This took me 2 minutes to configure and worked with CentOS 7 and mac High Sierra - if you know a better method please let me know :-)


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